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More of a update on my last question but I’m hoping for fresh answers. So in my last question I raised the problem that me and some other people are having where multiplayer does not work at all. We can see our friends online but their is a exclamation mark by their names and whenever we try to join it just loads for a little bit then returns to menu. I cannot figure out what the exclamation mark means as there does not seem to be any info online or in the game for what it means. My friends live in the same region as me and are able to connect with each other. I am able to run other epic games and connect online with them. My internet works perfectly for every other game imaginable.

Solutions I have tried.

- Port-forwarding the game (no success)

- various different VPN services (multiplayer is laggy and crashes within 5 mins)

- fiddling with and turning of windows firewall (no success)

- fiddling with almost every game settings imaginable (no success)

Does anyone have similar problems or fixes? So far to my knowledge they have not released the server packages so I’m thinking that I am just royally screwed until enough people with this problem catch the devs attention and they look into it.

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Have you tried to set the Options -> Gameplay -> Network Quality Setting to High or Ultra.
In my session when the host set this Setting higher then the Game Response is faster / Lag free.
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Yeah I did but sadly it didn’t change much. My problem is more around the fact that it seems like the game is running into a problem specifically with my IP address? The game knows there is a problem with the connection hence the exclamation mark, yet I cannot find any info regarding a fix for the exclamation mark by my name.
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