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While not being able to connect conveyors going in opposing is a good way of preventing mistakes, I'm not on board with this change.

I would much rather have the option to change the direction of conveyors without having to deconstruct them. I would like to be able to upgrade power poles without disconnecting existing power lines. I would like to be able to rotate machines 180 without deconstructing them, or removing the conveyors attached to them.  I would like to be able to swap splitters and mergers with a single click. Basically, what I'm saying is that removing the ability of conveyors to connect with conveyors going in the opposing direction is limiting QOL improvements which could be made at a latter date. You are locking us in a paradigm where the only way to modify a production line will be to deconstruct it completly and rebuild it from scratch.
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I agree on the following:
- Upgrading power poles (this has been requested before). If they should be downgradable like conveyor belts, it should only be possible, if the downgraded version can support the amount of current connections.
- Rotating machines 180 degrees, if they are not connected to a conveyor belt (as long as they don't add machines, that are not symmetrical)

I disagree on:
- Swapping of splitters and mergers. If they are connected to belts, it will cause problems. If they are not connected, you can just deconstruct and replace.
- Make belts reversable. If you could do that, connected machines would have to be rotated aswell and I can think of a lot of problems with that.

I think, if you have a conveyor going in one direction and try to connect anoter conveyor in the wrong direction, that it should flip in the correct direction, as long as it is not connected to a machine.

edit: I think rotating machines could cause problems, if the maximum wire distance will be exceeded after the rotation.
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This game is like any other sandbox. The only problems that really exist are those that you create for yourself. The most basic thing that a sandbox game can do in order to achieve success is to give players tools to experiment, rearrange things, and experiment some more. Right now, recycling a production line takes a lot more effort then it's worth. This game needs to add more tools to enable this, but rather then do this, I feel that right now, the devs are boxing themselves in and that's not a recipe for success. Making mistakes is part of the learning process in any game.
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