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You wake up in cryogenic tube with pipes and electrode connected to your body.

 Tube opens up and robotic arm disconnects all of it from your body. Suddenly floor you were standing on moves ( like a flaps) and you're sliding inside a metal tube down to the drop pod.

You hear a computer voice telling you that you destroyed a ship worth fortune and they turned you into battery to maximize profit from you. Because your brain exceeded standard capabilities they've decided to give you a second chance and repay a debt and regain fame.

Computer has a space for people who died to remember their commitment however database has limited space, not much is left. If you die fast your name will be in the system but not much you will achieve, if you die after long time there might not be any space in the system. You're advised to try and not die.

If you repay your debt company won't hold you and you'll be free to go but if you decide to not repay and run away you'll be sent back to cryogenic tube once catched and your body will produce electricity for rest of the life.

I'm not a writer, maybe somebody could improve expand on this. It's quite open plot so if more things would be added to the game FICIT company could also add interest on top of repayment, currency exchange ...or made mistake and add extra zero.
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.. how did the existing start sequence make you think this was in any way relevant?
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In the game players are working for company demanding high efficiency. If they need high efficiency then they must have high tech computers and since we're "waking up" in a drop pod I think it's possible that they kicked player out of space ship to do job.

Since nothing is known before drop pod landing it could be post memory loss which happens usually after people wake up from cryogenic sleep
In Alien 1 they had the same thing, once android woke them up they didn't remember a lot.
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