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when i join my friends game, i occasionally build something and it "builds" it but i cant see it, remove it or interact with it. i have to ask my friend (host) to come over and deconstruct it, then i can rebuild it. this same issue happens in reverse if i become the host, my friend will build something and then he cant see it or interact with it.

a piece of floor makes a good example, i cant see it, but i glitch hop on it by standing on it, i also can't build on it, floor too steep warning, and although it has become comical now, it is still annoying.
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I frequently have the identical issue.  I usually tolerate it until (a) it's just swiss cheese everywhere or (b) I need that foundation to appear so I can build on top of it.  If you quit to the main menu and rejoin, the data will sync and everything appears.

It's clearly related to lag.  When the connection is getting spotty, you'll have a lot of invisible items.  When things are humming smoothly, it doesn't happen.  It appears that the client depends on a timely response from the server (server replying, "your item was placed").  If the response takes more than a second, the client just gives up.
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