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My friend cannot open up the build menu after 10 hours of gaming. We have build a big factory and we expanded it more but in the time doing so, his build menu failed. He tried to reconnect, restart the game and his computer but none of that worked. He cannot continue to build.
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I don't know why this was downvoted. I am experiencing the same thing. I am also in a multiplayer game my friend is hosting.

I used a hotkey to build a power pole after holding the rebar gun in my hand. I saw my cursor switch to the pole, but when I clicked I instead shot the rebar gun. Hitting R would reload the gun, despite me still apparently holding the power pole.

I am unable to open the Q menu anymore. Hitting Q or escape does nothing and does not clear the item I am holding (either gun or power pole). I am thus unable to interact with any storage or building contents since my hand is full.

I can open the tab menu and unequip the gun. This allows me to build the power pole (since I no longer can shoot the gun). Equipping other items exhibits similar behavior as the gun (when I equip the chainsaw, the sound is continually running and clicking results in the use chainsaw animation).

When I have unequipped the gun, I can open the builder menu by right clicking (while still holding the power pole in my hands). I can interact with the menu normally at this point, but Q will not close it - only Escape. I can use this to change the item on my cursor, but this leaves me in the same state of forever holding that new item.

This persists across game restarts.
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My friend is seeing this exact bug as well.
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I have the exact same problem. My friend who is hosting the factory can build stuff while I can't use the build menu at all
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Same here after about ~13h.

If you have the same bug, i have smth for you:
Well i just walked a few 100m away from our base and just looked away. As I did i could build again without any issue. As I was viewing back to our base, I couldnt build anymore. Maybe it's smth with the VRAM.

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Hey, I fixed it for me! Both of you, the host and the client, set your Network Quality to Ultra. It worked for me.
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Thanks this worked for us !!!
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Thank you bro. Worked aswell.  It realy started to piss me off xD
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