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I really like the new ISC with the dual input/output ports.

A natural evolution of this would be a couple ideas:

Improved (Mk2) - The top output port can be set to allow only a specific item (as well as "ANY"), while the bottom output port is hard-locked to "ANY".  If the top belt becomes full, then the filtered item would egress via the "ANY" port.  It would not choose the lower port if it's just a slow belt causing queuing, only if the belt was full and stopped.  Construction costs would be similar to the base model, but add some Quickwire and Circuit Boards for the filtering intelligence

Advanced (Mk3) - This version goes one step farther.  First, each port can be set to be either input or output.  In addition, each output port can have an item filter applied to it, including "ANY", that uses the same logic as the Mk2 version.  Construction costs are similar to the Improved version, but adds a Computer instead of circuit boards for the additional required smarts, plus some Motors to support the internal mechanics.
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Nice idea.
One problem with your "blockage" detection - I'd guess it's impossible to determine between the two situations you mention.  If stuff ain't moving, it ain't moving ;)

I think one or more computers would be appropriate for the Mk 2, and supercomputer(s) for Mk. 3
It might be worthwhile adding that the Mk. 3 must have at least ONE input and ONE output port :)
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Yea.  Not sure how to handle the blockage detection, and how to differentiate a "full" conveyor, vs a backup caused by a belt that is slower than the input.

RE the Mk3 requiring at least one input/output.  I could see the value in a "sorter" container - dump a bunch of stuff and 4 outputs sort it for me.  You know as soon as the rule is set requiring an in/out, someone is going to make a case for not having one, so might as well do full flexibility from the get-go and let the player decide what they want.

Circuit Board vs Computer vs Supercomputer - really depends what tier level you want to gate the item behind.  It shouldn't be silly expensive - it is a storage container after all.  But that's balance for later.
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The problem with your blockage detection is that the only thing it would achieve is to move the problem elsewhere in the system. The only proper fix to blockages caused by multiple items on a single belt is to deal with the problem itself, or in other words, not having multiple items on a single belt in the first place.
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