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During building ramps, especially descending, you put a foundation, then ramp which you always have to rotate (tediously).

The game should recognize that we are building a ramp down and align it so we don't have to rotate it.
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Rather than having it try to determine which direction we're building and auto-rotate, it would be much simpler if it just remembered the last rotation we had it set to.

Right now it resets the rotation every time you switch back to the ramp. If it simply remembered our set rotation then you would only have to rotate once. I don't know why this isn't already a thing in a game like this.
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It think this could be solved with another idea. Since the "save rotation thing" happens already but based on the current direction you are looking at, I think. But this doesn't seem to work consistently.
Why not click to define a start and endpoint. much like we create conveyor poles but with all foundation types, including walls. So that we can build whole ramps and complete concrete surfaces in the blink of an eye. Instead of tediously clicking every single concrete tile one by one.
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Also, in general the building just seems so "finnicky" with ramps and also ramp-walkways.  You often have to aim "just right" to get a ghost image to build with, and sometimes the precision of the aiming is so tight that the ghost image flickers on and off as you pass through the correct aiming angle.  I think maybe that "aiming angle" could be broadened a bit.  This happens a lot when placing a ramp (or ramp-walkway) on top of a foundation.
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