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We currently have two ways for creating a ceiling or roof in this game:

  • Platforms with the size of 8x8x2 meters
  • Alienated walkways

If you need get a conyeory belt from groundlevel to the 1.st floor you will have a 8m x 8m hole in the floor/ceiling inside of your building. The same problem there is with energy supply - sure you could just make the cable clipping walls or the floor/ceiling but is it really looking good?

What I'm thinking of:

  • Thinner platforms at the size of 8m x 8m x 1m - to be used for ceilings and aditional floors (you can not build heavy machines on them)
  • Platform segments with openings - allowing to lead belts or an elevator/lift throughout - no more giant holes, just like the walls with "windows" for belts.
  • Smaller platform segments with the size of 4m x 4m x 1m - for filling holes before you fall onto them and get hurt.
  • Free placeable power connectors for ceilings and walls - bringing power from the outside to the inside or through the ceiling to the next floor - no more messing around with wall-clipping cables, platforms in the way or finding the best angle to make the cable go through the window.
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I posted a similar idea: ceiling tiles, sized like walkways but with a completely flat top, so they can be snapped under foundations on multifloor builds or used on their own. Coming in ramps and 2 types of flat: power connector (1 cable limit) and light fixture. All would have internal wiring, so adjacent panels have power connection. I imagine these using encased beam and cable as construction materials. These would also need a diagonal wall for closing ramp sections and powered wall could integrate nicely, as well
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https://questions.satisfactorygame.com/1363/ceiling-implementation?show=1363#q1363 - someone mentioned this before but this version of it is a bit more eloquent
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like this version on the post here,, lol, post i linked just says ceilings
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- I like the idea of having an 8x8x1 foundation!
If you put the 8x8x2 foundation against a conveyor wall it blocks part of the conveyor opening. With the performance hit late game I'm keen to cover up as much as possible.

- I'd also like to see a foundation with openings for conveyor lifts.
I've fallen through a few times.

- Ceilings
So we've been putting foundations inside/against walls as our ceilings, which from a height and distance just blends in with the floors. It would be nice to see a visible distinction between ceilings and floors. Ceilings should be placed above walls and look like they belong there, unlike foundations which leave a gap.

Honestly I think this is content for a mod and I'd rather see work put into polish, performance and main content... but hey! If ya' got a half hour free to pop a quarter thick foundation in I wouldn't mind xD They've gotten to much right so far!
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