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Please do stop trees/grass from reappearing in the game. This makes cleaning big areas tedious. It also makes vehicles crash into trees after careful planning their path.

If there are players wanting foliage to reappear, you can make an option in the game for people to set this whatever state they like.

I would like to be sure that whatever I do is permanent and works as expected.

So an option in game "Foliage respawning" On/Off
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I, too, would like to be able to clear them permanently but I think perhaps a compromise would be best. For example, having it respawn more slowly and then later being able to unlock a method to clear it permanently, such as herbicide or fire bombs. I think we may have to wait for user mods before there is even a chance of this happening.
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I guess it's a bug as in my opinion nothing is supposed to respawn. In my case exactly the same trees are permanently respawing when loading a previously saved session. It seems as the game does not save the state of some cut trees correctly (see #10580). This is indeed very annoying as two of my truck routes are affected by this.

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