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As soon as I use chainsaw I feel stress. It takes 1/2 of the screen. Doesn't give a comfort of play. In my opinion it downgrades player experience.

Cleaning foliage is tedious by itself, you have to hold couple of seconds the chainsaw cutting in order to do something, and then adding to that it takes literally 1/2 of the screen.

I don't see anything, I really feel stressed when using it.

Dear developers, please consider making our gameplay more fun, please make the chainsaw faster in cleaning the foliage and make it take less screen, so we see what are we doing.

Also the avatar should half-holster the chainsaw when not using it for let's say 5 seconds. As we would do in real, we DO NOT wield tools so they take 1/2 of our sight, yes?

Also if we hold "reload" button for 2 seconds, the tool could be holstered 100% (as any other tool/pistol). So our hands are empty.

We optimize tool usage, so if the game is about fun and optimization, please optimize the chainsaw, and maybe other tools, too.

Thank you :)
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The noise it makes god damn, should i put on ear-protection when using it? I always un-equip it asap, also why not work on orange fuel?
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Just keep the button pressed all the time. There is a point when the chainsaw is working but its sounds just disappear :) Yes, I know it eats biofuel but it's cheap :)
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Really? I'm exactly the opposite. I love the chainsaw and it's sound. I find it oddly satisfying.
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I swap away from the chainsaw as soon as i'm done using it because the idle sound is obnoxious and it takes up too much of the screen.
Though, there is little in the way that can be done to improve this.
As for the balance factors, i see no issues.

Unless of course, like the xeno-basher, there is a new tool that the chainsaw upgrades into that doesn't have these problems.

Say... like the enviro-vac thing shown in the intro video.
When do we get to actually use that thing?
riot if its not actually planned.
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I just wish wish the chainsaw could damage enemies. It would be so satisfying to be attacked by a creature while chainsawing something and then turn around and go to town on the creature!
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