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Let's say you want to craft motors and you have enough iron and copper etc ingots, it would be useful if the bench would craft the plate, rod, wire etc by itself if you want to craft that motor
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I think that undermines the whole game itself...
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I thought on this myself but have to admit that a function like this would indeed undermine one basic element of the game. The same goes for the idea to craft the maximum possible items with one click (e.g.: you need 20 wire`s and have but to click just once for it at the crafting table after "however" selecting the amount of it).

But be assured: I know the pain

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No, the speed you can hand craft large amounts of most things instead of automating it undermines the game, not that you need to switch what you are crafting to make complex parts. This would be a great addition to the game once they nerf hand crafting, presumably through the overheat mechanic they already have implemented graphically. Ideally  hand crafting say a few modular frames you are missing for a truck station should be quick and easy, but it should be very difficult to say hand craft 500 of them for the space elevator milestone.
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Ie like factorio where it's super useful as you get to higher tiers.  It's still slow so it doesn't stop you wanting to automate stuff it just QOL and avoids you having to do maths.
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