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Hello everyone,

I have just 2 hours of time played but I would like to make a suggetion about the To Do List.

- Would be nice if we could click in the mouse scroll to add an active structure to the To Do List;

- Put the option "Add quantity to To Do List" when right click something;

- Put the option "Remove quantity to To Do List" when right click something.
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Nice suggestion.
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I like this suggestion as well, granted, you can right click, hold down shift, and add each item by +10 depending on if you select add or remove.  However, if you let go of shift, it still adds by 10 or removes, unless you clear the mouse radial menu, and right click again, then it will do it by 1's if you don't hold shift.

Also, my roommate and I both play the game, and have been trying multiplayer.  When he has a to do list, he actually has an option to clear all when he has a list going.  I have never seen it, but, he is the host of the game.  I have to manually add and remove them each time, or they don't/won't go away.

Also, every time I log in, my hot bars are wiped.  Would love to see those saved as well, perhaps some setting saved in the save game that recognizes other players than just the game host, and keeps their settings there.  It obviously can be done, because my inventory is always right if I log out and log back in, even over saves, but, the hot bar is wiped every time the game is reloaded or I escape out for a while to desktop and then come back into the game.
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