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I have a little suggestion., because for me, Truck and Tractor are useless.

Why I say that ?

Truck and Tractor need fuel. For create fuel, you need a factory. This require power. In the same time, truck station use power.

When you compare, if you use only belt, you don't need this power to move ressources.

My conclusion for the optimisation : You have to use only conveyor belt to move ressources. You don't need truck.

My suggestion : Conveyor belt must use power. They take the power from the building where they are connected.

Example : Conveyor belt MK.4 use 80 MW per kilometer.
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Good evening,

I also disagree though I thougt like you in the first 100h+.

Now I use the tractor for short distance deliveries and trucks for long distances. But I do comply when it comes to fuel. It could be a real headache in thinking htf I can guarantee an unlimited supply of fuel and energy for the refinery and the Truck Station.
Mostly I build a seperated Power Circuit: One fuel Refinery, one fuel Reactor and connect the fuel refinery with the fuel generator and the Truck Station and the perpetuum mobile is finished. But it could be a real pain in getting this to work at the beginning but now it is just some clicks and query the amount of resources you need  (and make sure you have them in the inventory).

You may give this a try because it is mostly efficient for transporting oil or other resources without getting bad perfomance when having too long and to many conveyers. In most cases it is enough for supplying one truck station with fuel and not both.

English is not my native language thow, please do not mind any mistake I did

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I have 1 truck route running to transport my coal. The only reason I have it running is for novelty. Honestly once you have a sufficient stockpile of resources built up, trucks are useless. Conveyors are simply a better route. That being said, I did make a Race track for my Explorers to race on for my entertainment, and that was pretty fun
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For the oil this is going to sound completely unnecessary...  and it is but still, instead of using trucks or tractors for transporting oil I built a superhighway in the sky to the lake place with coal, oil, iron, limestone and S.A.M. ore so yeah
I may be alone, but I'm totally agree.

Once you have enough resources for building long conveyors, trucks become really useless.

And the fact the autopilot is really annoying to set up doesn't help to make me like using them.

I agree with the fact the conveyor should consume energy (it's totally illogical they don't): may be no energy for conveyor MK1, but a little for MK2, and a lot of energy for MK5 and future MK6.

but I'm not sure it would be enough to make trucks stop sucking.

The truck system needs a big fix : a real checkpoint editor (pause duration and deleting a point is nice, but we really need to move them precisely !), a way (colored checkpoints) to choose if two trucks share or not the checkpoints, to make them avoid collision is possible, etc...

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Sorry, but I do not agree.

Sure, I can understand why you say trucks are not useful, but using power with the belts is a bit too much.

Unless, all the buildings got a balance for this. Sometimes the factory already looks like a spider web because of power poles, and now you want to put power into conveyors?

Sure, they could get power from the buildings and use the grid, but still.

It is also too early in the game to say, "this function is useless", the game is on early access and even when it reaches a stable version the game has much to go into the future.

But hey, if you feel like that, mod supporting will come, then you can have all your dreams come true :p
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Why create truck ? They move ressources, yep. But conveyor belt  are the only limitation to extract ressources, and it is more easy to me (at 50 hours of game) to move my ressources with conveyor belt . Yep, I need lot ressources, but I have too munch ressources.
For me truck and tractor are useless.
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Tractor and Truck are usefull if you have two parts of factory far from each other, but no resources to make Conveyor. So you use Tractor or Truck to transport goods. The cost of power you use on truck station is less painfull, than the amount of resources you spend to build a Conveyor.

My idea is to make power poles drain some energy to power up the lights on them (for example 1-4MW for mk1, 2-14MW for mk2...). That will be the additional cost of "spider web" in your factory.

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I use trucks to move multiples of an items not a single item, and more for transportation of me than goods, when exploring I keep tons of resources with me, fuel health and ammo, leaving little room for what I find, I then load the truck up and when ready head back to base my truck auto unloads valuables in auto sorter and refuels ready for next time
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May be I'm alone but I'm totally agree.

Trucks are only useful at the very beginning of the game, when you can't offer long conveyors.

But, most of time people will create a long conveyor that crosses all the map instead of using them.
Why ?

- Creating a path for the trucks is really annoying because it doesn't work correctly most of time and we can't move checkpoints. and when there are several trucks it becomes a mess.
- Conveyors are faster and cost no energy.
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I have played the game for a bit and totally agree but only because conveyor is free to use and trucks are not reliable
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Pro tip: Stop using them if you think they are useless.

Are you still reading? - Ok: All vehicles are useful in their own way.

The Sugarcube (Tractor) is your very first vehicle and even if you don't use it for automated transportation, you use it in the beginning to carrying more stuff with you, or having more inventory space while exploring the area. Also you can use it to hide from enemies, cause they won't hurt you any more if you enter the Tractor. Same counts for the Explorer and the Truck.

The Truck is more like some mobile storage container with a Workbench in it (BTW: also aviable at the Tractor and Explorer). You take a Truck and stuff it full of everything you need to build a new remote factory - drive there and you can build anything at the first time there. But yeah - as the Truck is useless - so just dismantle it and have fun running home for collecting more building materials while being annoyed by the local fauna. ;)

I count all vehicles as a kind of factory - but their product is you being mobile - and you're complaining that they need fuel? Does a Constructor produce iron rods out of thin air, or is  the Fuel Generator generating 150MW from nothing? - Nope. Even the player (YOU) needs some kind of fuel to restore health (Nuts, Berries, ...). XD

And beside that all - using vehilces for transport makes your game more fluent, as belts still lower your FPS (known problem). ^^

Best regardes~ 

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Agreed. Also, if you plan and build correctly your routes, drops and pick ups, vehicles can move sensitively more items compared to belts. The resulting items/min from A to B in a given amount of time is always better using a vehicle if you do not mess up recording random shape pathing.
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I find your logic here to be rather weird.  Is "does this use power" the SINGLE factor in ALL of your decisions? And would you expect a vehicle to work without power? How would that make sense? At least with conveyors, it's possible that they might be driven by whatever machine(s) they're plugged into.

Trucks definitely have their uses.  First off, I find planning, building, and tweaking a road network to be a lot more fun than just running another 6 kilometers of belts between two locations.  I want my factory to look like an actual industrial base, not just a giant spiderweb of conveyors.  That means roads, entries, loading & unloading stations, fences, walls, the whole works.

Secondly, trucks are a great way to move lots of resources a small to medium distance. I'm currently working with Mk3 belts, and a single truck can drive five minutes to one of my steel plants, load, drive five minutes back, and its truck station will still be spitting out the last load it brought. Since it's using Mk3 belts to empty the station, that means the truck is moving well over 270 items/minute into my base.

Yeah, you don't want to use them to drive clear across the map (that's what trains are for), and they still need a lot of tweaking (especially their AI), but they offer flexibility and an alternative to just stockpiling containers full of belt materials for every time you want to connect a new resource provider to your base.  By the time I got trucks unlocked, I was more than ready for an alternative to yet-another-belt.
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It's mostly about system performance. The game continues running ticks for conveyor belts even if they are on the other side of the map and not within render range. Having 5-30 KM of belts is going to seriously drag down your in-game FPS performance running around. That's the main reason for trucks. It's much more efficient on our computers to use trucks.
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