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Perhaps it would be useful if the Smart Splitter could have adjustable ouput rates per minute or per cycle.

Per cycle meaning:
Example, the input conveyor belt is Mk. 3 (270 recources per minute) but there are only 120 recources traveling the belt per minute. The Smart Splitter's left output is set to 50 recources per cycle, the center output is set to 60 recources per cycle, and the right output is set to 10 recources per cycle. The Smart Splitter will keep splitting recources until the set amount has been reached for each output. In this case the right output will stop first as it is only 10. After that, the left output will stop at 50. And last the center output, when it reaches 60 it will not stop because the cycle is then complete and will start over again. Which means the center output will never stop as it has the highest ouput rate per cycle.

You could also set the Smart Splitter to ''output per minute''. Which will work the same as ''output per cycle''. But when the set amount has been reached all the splitter's outputs will stop outputting until the full minute has passed. this could take anywhere between 59 and 1 second(s).

This would be useful to output the correct amount of recources or meterials for production. And would make your factories more efficient.
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Being able to put 2 of the same resource type on one side and 1 on the other 2 outputs so that out of 4 resources that get filtered, one side gets 2 and the other sides get one at a time would be a useful addition.

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Ratio configuration should be on the normal splitter. Not the filtering splitters.
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What for you need this stupid adjustable splitters ?

You have unlimited amount of ore material for sake !
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Good evening,

as it is for me I am really fond of this idea. This would be, of course, just a feature for hardcore junkies and a little bit too much for normal players but those who would like to get full control within a production line with several uses of one ressource this would be a great experience.
Nevertheless you are right when pointing to the unlimited supply of resources but I like the idea of controlling really everything but I am just an addict

English is not my native language so please do not mind any grammer or other mistakes within this post.

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Along with what you said anmana an example is if you want to construct iron plates and rods plates from the same iron ingot factory then obviously plates need more iron than rods so then you would set it so more goes to the plates so they are more efficient. Also this has nothing to do with the previous but I thought by the name that's what the programmable splitter did but it isn't.
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Why do you need this? I change the rates by overclocking the machines and balancing the output rates. I was using a single conveyor to mix the required components for a 4 way manufacturing machine that way and then split them apart using the smart skitter at the other end.

I did think of this suggestion before realising I could manage it via the constructors and assemblers speed control. Before I was just whacking the speeds to max.
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