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Suggestion - autodelete slots for "infinite" items.

Since our inventory slots don't take all available space in the interface, there could be a row on the bottom with slots colored red for example allowing us to put items that go to trash automatically.

Items we could place there would be only let's say ingots, belts, ores... name it. Only these easily reproductible. You wouldn't be allowed to put here slugs, shards or anything made in workshop.

The reason for autodelete is to get rid of tedious mass item deletion from inventory after rebuilding base for example or during cleaning areas of foliage. Since we don't have any QOL shortcuts like "shift+ctrl+click" that would delete item, we have to drag and drop into trash every stack. Boring and tedious.

You can even add numbers to these slots, meaning to delete stack only if there would be more than provided number of stacks in player's inventory. So if we put "4" in the slot and put screws into it, we go with 4 stacks of screws in inventory and anything more than that gets deleted automatically.

Something like this:

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Auto-delete, you mean in the way factorio does it?

When would this ever be useful?

I can only think of when you're deconstructing parts of your factory.
But even then... Why is this needed over manually deleting items you don't want?
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maybe it will be related with the  "Converter" on S.A.M. ore research chain.
Set a container Dump things there and turn it on something usefull or a goo
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It is useful because at the moment - when you are mass deleting and your inventory fills up you get boxes of rubbish everywhere that you have to tidy up to be able to rebuild.

Factorio approach of allowing stuff to be auto-deleted would be super helpful.

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i dont think autodelete in inventory will be useful but autodelete in storage can be an issue to use the smart separator that can block if an inventory is full
or directly in the smart separator itself delete an item when it block the chain so we can use it for make one line income and separate in the entry of assambly or the 4 entry building
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