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This would let you split a resource however you would like, given enough free slots. Largely only useful for early game when you want to split your biofuel/biomass across multiple bio generators, but would be a nice QoL feature. Would also be useful for sharing items evenly with other players (easy to do right click to split 50:50 but what about sharing with three other players?). Minecraft implements this nicely.

Pick up a stack, drag it across (for example) five empty slots, to split it evenly in fifths. Pick up another stack, if necessary, and do the same thing over those same slots to evenly add to it.

Will link a video capture of how Minecraft does this later.

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Right click on the item stack to choose how to split it
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I'm aware of this, and it is a useful feature in its own right, but it doesn't address the reasons for what I describe above. For instance, you have  say, 967 biofuel in total and you have 7 generators. So you want seven evenly sized stacks of biofuel to put in each generator. With the functionality I describe above, you just clear some space in your inventory if necessary, pick up each stack, drag it over the same seven slots. EASY! :)

Using the current right click functionality, it is much more awkward to do. First, you have to divide 967 by 7! Rounded down that is 138. So you split to 138, but then you're left with some stacks of 62. Put them together for 124. Argh now you have to split the rest to bits of.... you see?

WIth drag and drop, it's easy to get what you want.
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Ok. Now this makes more sense. Upvoted
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