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There is an area of the map where if you get to a certain height (building sky paths etc) you start to take damage ,but either side of that area you can go higher without any issues.

If I drive through the area with anything but the smaller explorer vehicle ,stand on a conveyor belt/extra block or use the jetpack for a few seconds I take damage.

The area in question is this part of the map.

Map Issue Location

I've tested the area on my 'skybridge' and the issue happens between these points, after which I can build further upwards just fine.

Points between area of height damage.

The screen goes a 'green/grey' tint when I go through this area.

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is there maybe poinsonous fog  in the area?
did you try a gas mask?
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I just tried with a gas mask on.

Yes , it appears this area up really high seems to be a cloud of poisonous gas.

I dropped down and the map area below contains no 'fart rocks' or 'gas plants' that would explain why the gas was up here. ( incorrectly placed damage area for gas).
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The fart rocks could be in a cave below
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I'm fairly sure there are no caves in that area, it seems to be the lowest part of the whole map, swampy area, there IS radioactive water further north and to one side...but it's not anywhere near the area high up that I'm taking damage from.

I'm going to try and figure out the area where the 'gas' is by building around it and checking for damage as I go.

Hopefully, this might help figure out what/where the issue is.

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This is what I've mapped out so far , the area containing the gas cloud is HUGE.

I've mapped about half of the area I reckon using foundations, any of the taller foundations are where you take damage from standing on that area.

Half Mapped Gas Cloud

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With WAY too much time on my hands , I've fully mapped it all out...

It turns out it's a huge rectangle in the sky (yes I walled it in and put a walkway around it for no reason).

Rectangle of Gas in the sky

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