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I have the Epic Games lancher and when ever I start it it will crash when it loads up. I've tried to verifiy and re-download multiple times and nothing has worked! Error code here: https://gist.github.com/TheOnlyGoodOne/b664bc04004afe555de5914e856fb509

I really want to try it before the weekend ends, PLEASE HELP!
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I've gotten the same issue, I dont know how to fix it, my internet is good, my CPU hasnt overheated ever before, and ive played games that are as good looking as this, and ive got around 100 GB free.

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Seems your game doesn't recognize some of its objects.

1) do you have enough space on your drive when you download the game?

2) is your CPU not overheating or something?

3) do you have a stable internet connection? Sometimes a package can be lost when connection suddenly disappears.
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1: i have 700 GB of free space on the drive the game is on

2: My cpu does not go above 60c beacuse i have it water cooled

3: Yes my internet is stable.

I have the same problem today, i played 7 hours straight yesterday after getting it to work for this exact reason, i knew as soon as i saved and exited the game it would never launch again, they really need to do a hotfix for this issue or extend the time that people can play this beacuse im only going to get 7 hours in if they dont fix this problem
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Actually there sometimes is an issue like this. In Farming sim 19,the game created a folder which you had to delete to get it to work. Probably the same case here, it appeared after quiting, but sadly no idea how in this case its named :/
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So is there any way I could potentially fix this? I hope so :(
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I find that all I have to do is end the process, then try launching the game again and it works fine. Could be a whole different issue though.
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Didn't work :(
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