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I am pretty sure this is a bug and I have not seen it reported anywhere here yet.

I was trying to automate the sulfur chain by crafting gunpowder directly next to the sulfur extraction and then putting it into a tractor that would basically go back and forth between the extraction point and my factory.

But, when attaching the conveyor belt with gunpowder to the station, it won't fill it, regardless of which conveyor entry I would chose. I could add gunpowder in manually though but of course that's not interesting.

I decided then to use instead a very long conveyor belt to route the gunpowder to the factory.

I must specify that this problem occured before friday's patch, I could not check it again if it had been solved since, so please excuse me it that is the case.
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First off; does the truck station have power?
Second; check if this is the same problem;
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I just tested it again and it looks like I went too fast and forgot to power the station... feeling very dumb x)

Anyway thanks for your help!

Closing the question.

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I am doing exactly this because there is a handy coal node near the sulphur (I'm guessing your start is the south and you're talking about the node past the huge arch).  But in any case - I'm happily trucking gunpowder.  I think the previous comment is probably right - the send receive options are the wrong way around (the text is - just look at the graphic and ignore the words!)
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Seems like I definitely should have double checked haha. I recall having checked for the send/receive options though... Guess I was so excited to get gunpowder that I forgot to power my station :)

I will try again asap and lock this topic if I can't reproduce it.
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