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For a quicker and yet more intuitive dismantling of entire building complexes or sections, I had the idea that in the dismantling mode (F) you could press Ctrl and left click everything through foundations and walls including attached machines and related planes (buildings) could be deleted (Practical if you want to make a new building or need the space). By pressing shift In the dismantling mode you could then mark sections and machines by dragging the mouse and delete them with a left click (practically if you want to build a production line or something like that). When deleting an entire building complex, one would only have to consider whether to get the resources back in a container or simply disappear as there are, of course, too many resources depending on their size. PS.: I hope everything is understandable, google has translated from German to English

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i think that using an item like nobelysk would be easier.
flag things tap a button, and they're gone. (without drops, so we have a real clearance to "rebuild" if we want)
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Your suggestion is so hard to read. Please edit this thing and remove the background coloring. Also, there's been a heck of a lot of suggestions made for a new way to dismantle factories quicker. You should use the search function before posting.
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