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So you made some improvements already, but there is still space for improvement.

  • I would like to pick milestone by double clicking instead of having to highlight it and then drag the mouse aaaall the way down to click "Select milestone"
  • I would like to overwrite save files by double clicking on an existing save
  • Double-clicking biofuel with chainsaw equiped refuels the chainsaw
  • Pretty sure you could find other scenarios, look for them

Please go easy on our wrists.

Edit: It's been pointed out that was not how chainsaws work. The idea is still applicable to vehicles as per this coment

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I support your second remark!
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Double click selecting saves on the Save/Load screen has been a common thought for me. Chainsaw doesn't need to be "filled", just uses from inventory as needed.

I do wish the default action for double click when I am interacting with a vehicles inventory worked better, having to drag the wood/leaves/etc is tedious, and if I have biofuel in the tank I don't what to replace it with mushrooms.
Priority should be:
Is it a valid fuel and tank is empty: put in tank
Is it a valid fuel and tank has partial stack of same fuel, fill stack
Everything else should always go into storage when double clicked
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