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This building is supposed to get you "good OVERVIEW"... well, it certainly gives an overview but when I initially read the description I though it would, when climbed, do something like display a tooltip above each building with its name, what it currently produces, clocking and effectivity. So... feature idea? Or maybe a new building?

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Never used it, it's kind of pointless at the moment.
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Radar tower is better anyways :)
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I've built one or two to use as a ladder to reach higher places.. it's quicker and cheaper than stacking stackable conveyor poles :P

Tooltips might be neat, but I would be annoyed if I need to repeatedly climb up to check the overview and then climb down to make adjustments to a building. If they make it possible to also make adjustments from the lookout tower, it would be much more convenient and useful, but.. I feel that takes away from the joy (?) of roaming around amongst the buildings to examine and tweak them.
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Since it's been ages since I've built one of these, I can't remember if you could attach walkways to the top platform of a lookout tower. That would make it slightly more useful..
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I use them to mark crash sites I've visited and to mark mountains I've climbed. They are cheap and really easy to see. In multiplayer they also let people know what you've already explored. Maybe not the intended use, but it is very practical.
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I use these as navigational markers outside my bases to show where a road is.
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