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To be honest, Satisfactory is doing OK overall, probably because of no console version, but there are several simple things, that may make PC gamers life easier. I have a mouse and I can point and click with it. That means I can do things in constant time. Like picking an item from a list and selecting it.

I am specifically referring to those horizontal lists in settings. Let's say they start at low. OK, well I am sure my machine can handle whatever the game can throw at it. So I click right. OK, normal, that's not the highest, right? Next, high, well several games have high as the max. But let's try again. Ultra, fine, that sounds like it could be it, but let's try again. Nope, this is it. Now image having to do this odyssey for every damn item.

--Satisfactory guys can stop here, but I need to vent--

It's even worse for games where not every setting ends with the same description. This combined with the rollover always leads to going one over to lowest/highest and then back. Or if you make a soldier or equipment selection behave this way. Now try give the item that is the farthest clickwise to your soldier. Now give the item that you were originally at to the farthest soldier. Do this 100 times. Hell, do it just 10 times. Having fun? I don't think so. Does anyone remember having ticks in your finger for an hour after you attacked the enemy in Dune II before group selection was a thing? This is happening again.

So for any developer reading this, for this game or any you decide to make in the future, if things can be done with constant amount of clicks regardless of manipulated list size, implement them that way. Create a worst-case scenario and repeat it ad nauseam. You will think of a way.
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