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Returned to game after beginning research on Rifle MK2 (no idea if research had time to finish or not) -- in scanner, there is no response; furthermore, there are the following glitches:

  1. In MAM, several entries show as "N/A" with blank boxes next to them
  2. Lost ability to construct Rifle MK2
  3. Existing Rifle MK2 disappeared from inventory
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Did you try to open an experimental save with early access game?
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Good question; but no, I'm in Experimental right now.  Ticked at myself -- the game has been so stable that I've become lazy about backup saves, so I lost about 6 hrs of work.  So, to be honest, it really speaks to the quality of even the Experimental version.
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Exactly the same issue today. Was part way through researching Mk2 rifle and now my game is glitched.
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MAM issues is part of the changes they did:
"Excluded unintended research items from the MAM (Mercer Sphere, Somersloop, Rifle Mk.2)"
you just tested an unfinished Mk2 Rifle. I think it is fine they got off the game. I mean Rifle mk1 is not even finished yet. I am sad about the resources I losed to build it but hey, it is not a big deal.
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that answer to my own question but i have so many crash now the game is unplayable for more than 3 minutes
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@scorpking:  Having the same here now -- my guess is removing those other things (Mk2, etc.) is causing some sort of instability.  My game is basically unplayable, too.  So I started a new one and got 30 minutes with no issues.

Hopefully they figure it out (I know there are a lot with recurring crashes now) and we can pick up our saved games where we left off.
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i've started a new game yesterday and this game crash when i launch it and i only have 4 constructor
Yeah i think they'll fix it with all crash issue.
it's an experimental branch so we know what we risk

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props to AVAGAX for the answer -- but since the info was left as a comment, I'll provide the labeled 'answer' here:

Turns out this is not a bug, but a response to a patch that I hadn't noticed.  The patch removed certain items that weren't intended to be available for research.

for more info, see here.

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thanks getting used to comment instead of answering. Nice done
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