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Storage container should be at least the size of 4 personal storage boxes. 25 sized personal storage box vs. 24 sized (with 1 less! :D ) storage container. Yes I uderstand the in/ouput makes it bulkier, but come on! You can fit maybe 40 personal storages boxes for the space a storage container occupies and the size of it is with 1 less!
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Could we please get an inventory blocking feature, first? Block all but x slots for conveyor input..
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Yeah, the physical size of personal storage is silly, and could be a bit bigger as a solution.  Though I suspect, it's like this, to make your workshop less spread out.
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build the mk2 container...

 100 slots inventory would be more tedious to work with manually.

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The personal storage isn't conveyor friendly. Consider how much internal space is taken up by the belts and the equipment to move stuff on-off the belts. It would be pretty bulky!
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If anything, I've wondered why the personal storage can store so much. It really should only store a single line of 8 stacks, not the same amount as a storage container.
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Two containers connected in a loop via conveyors powers itself and anything you chuck in goes around infinitiley. I got all my somersloops on a never ending loop and mercer spheres like a decoration. Two containers next to each othe facing opposite direction and cheap belts between them creates a cool way to store stuff early game without need for red boxes. It's also obviously expandable. I hate red boxes. I like containers with ladders instead.
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Love this idea!
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