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People have already made topics about that, but here is my simple way (a smartsplitter on the left, a programmable one on the right) to test future updates about rate/flow control, even the simple ability for smart/programmable splitters to overflow if they have an 'Any' output.

Until then, I cannot efficiently use the gigantic sushi belt I built. I know it's not common, but that's the point and I see no reason one could not do that in this game.

I love that game, please fix this...

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Why do you need that flow rate when you have unlimited resources ?!

It feels pointless !!
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Yes I understand that very well, but as I said, I have a 36 lane infinitely scalable circular main bus and you would agree that I should be able to put anything on it (even raw materials if I'm crazy enough, which I'm not)
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Fairly easy to work around though. One splitter for the 152, 2 splitters for the 298. Any excess will eventually back up back to the bus.
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This workaround implies one thing (believe me, I've been trying for so long now): that every splitter put on this belt receives an amount of items equal or greater than twice the amount needed by the machines connected to them. Keep in mind that the belt is infinite, so items will never overflow "backwards" to fill the splitters along it!
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And I think you have nailed the major problem of a circular bus right there. Good luck to you solving this.

I went for a straight line main bus, 2 floors each 20 side by side belts. All produced items go via a separate return bus back to the start where half split into a container for my use and the rest onto their own lane on the main bus. I can connect the container to the main bus line if I need, or to the 6 cross-lanes heading to the spaceport. So I sort of have circular bus, but it is not connected at the end.
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The circular bus is not the problem, if belts are allowed to be round, then it should work! Anyway, this problem is clearly visible with this circular bus concept, but honestly, even for classic designs, the only kind of flow control right now is machine overflow or awful spaghetti balancers...
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