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This is close bug. What I see happening is that when you build you remove the spawns from the nearby area. I even think that this nearby area is quite big. This combined with that hostiles despawn.

SO you can conquer a node by node by just putting an electric pole close by and walk away.

When you come back the monsters are gone.


I can understand why this is done. You don't want monsters to spawn in the base. But the effect is also not wanted

I would recommend change the range of this effect to the amount of buildings blocks placed and exclude electric poles and belts, and belt supports from this.


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I do agree. Power Poles and Belts (poles and stackable poles also) should NOT despawn fauna and the radius of effect should be considering if there is just machinery on the ground or an actual building area (foundations + walls).

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Not sure if you are reporting a bug or making a suggestion! lol

As a suggestion it is fine.

As a bug report I would reply that this is not a bug, it is as intended.  As you said the intention is to keep the critters away from your base or your outposts.  This game is not intended to be a base defence.
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I though already that it was purpesfully done, though I also thought it had a unexpected side effect.

that was also the reason i was between suggestion and bug in my thoughts.
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