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The lifts have a snap to belt function, would it be possible to do the same with Splitters and Mergers? And also make it so you could put them in the middle of an already built belt.

Snapping the in/out's of a building to a belt would be very useful as well.
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That would circumvent the need to use  a high belt coming from miners.
A mk 3 miner overclocked to 250% on a pure node puts out 1200 units per minute which is almost double of what the mk 5 belt is capable of - so there is definetely need for improvement if there are even better miners in future.

I would very much like to see splitters being snap-able on outlets. Yes it circumvents the need for high tiered belts but on the other hand you are required to build many more lower tiered lines which balances this issue in my eyes. Especially since the game evolves around planning and executing your production lines and not have for example blue prints for a whole facility.

Let's say the splitters were snap-able to miner outlets and to themselves, it would need 20 mk 1 belts to handle the mk 3 miner on pure at 250%. I would love to look at that flow of material coming out of one node!

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They already snap onto conveyer belts.
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Only (reliably) if the belt is above ground level. If you build the belt on the lowest height, you can place a splitter on it, but it won't work. OK, sometimes it seems to work, but I haven't figured out yet how to make sure that it does.
some time since your, post - if you haven't figured it out yet: aim at the belt and try not to let it snap to the floor or the  inputs or outlets of adjacent buildings. once you aim at the belt, there are no more snap positions as opposed to on the foundations (which makes it somewhat harder to place it directly in front of an input / outlet, but you'll get there ;)
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