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Maybe this has been clarified somewhere by CSS but I cant find any clear answer to it. I wouldn't mind having some trivial added incentives in the game.

Some obvious ones where X can be any reasonably high number:

Mine X ore/min. (e.g. 1000 ore/min)
Manually mine X ore. (We will rock you!)
Smelt X ingots/min.
Produce X components/min.
Generate X W electric power.
Keep X amount of resources in storage containers.
Build X km of conveyor belts.
Fully unlock all milestones from Tier 1 to X.
Collect X powerslugs.
Fully overclock a building.
Collect X harddrives from crash sites.
Research X alternative recipies.
Blow up X rocks.
Collect X Mercer spheres.
Collect X Somersloop.
Collect X edible items.
Collect X wood with chainsaw.
Kill X animals.
Re-paint X buildings.

Some more exotic suggestions:
Tame a Lizard doggo.
Zap another player to death.
Build a four-man tower.
Travel X m (laterally) under 1 minute.
Have X production buildings simultaneously in operation (green or blue light)
Have X automated vehicles simultaneously in operation.
Have a manufacturer producing supercomputers operational at 100% for X mins.
Stay airborne for X seconds.
Stay airborne for X seconds and land without taking fall damage.
Place a beacon on the highest point on the map.
Ride the giant Manta.
Exit a falling vehicle and deploy the parachute.
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Don't ruin the game...
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I imagine there will be when/if it comes to Steam.
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