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Would it be possible to increase the cartridge stack size - NOT THE AMOUNT OF ROUNDS - so that they don't take up so much personal inventory?

Maybe a stack size of 200 - 500?

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Totally agree on this. I find it very annoying when I go out to explore the world that I need to bring 10 stacks of ammo just to be able to defend myself. Now that creatures respawn every load you make you need to have alot of ammo.

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totally agreed. a stack size of 50 is fine for the rebar gun since it shoots slow and thus depletes the ammo slowly.

However, such a small stack size for rifle is not very useful a full-auto rifle that consumes 10 rounds in the same timespan a rebar gun consumes 1.

The damage of the rifle is also not much compared to the rebar.

So, in my opinion, the current rifle in the game is not well balanced at all.
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