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I have an active Milestone (Explorer) selected and it is in the upper right corner of the HUD.  The required item count is displaying correctly.  However, instead of displaying "Explorer" under the Milestone table header, it now says "Insert Schematic Name Here"

I recently disassembled and moved my HUB, so I don't know if it is related to that, the new Explorer Milestone or the latest 6 May patch
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As of Thu 16 May 2019, getting 'Insert Schematic Name Here' on Live build after loading in. It didn't update just going to the hub either, so I changed the milestone to something else and back again.
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Yeah, I am still getting this in the Main line release as well.  The Milestone name does repopulate if I change Milestones, but the moment Continue or reload a previous save, I lose the Milestone name and instead get the "Insert Schematic Name Here"

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The Explorer is a newly added item so it is probably just a bit of text missing from the database in the rush to get the patch out.  If you are worried you could save the game before you go ahead with the research and if it goes wrong go back to that save.
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Nope, this has occurred with other original Early Access Active Milestone titles as well.  Seems to occur if I exit and re-launch the game with an Active Milestone selected
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