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I'd like to suggest a cannon line of research to be unlocked with Sulphur.

Basic level lets you build two things: Cannons and Targets.

A Cannon has 5-10 inventory slots and can be fed from a conveyor belt. They look like a giant gun and require a gunpowder style resource to work.

A Target looks like a Storage Container with a big funnel on it and can store items and feed items out of itself.

Cannons can select a Target and fire at it, sending a Payload full of the items it was storing.

This gives players an alternative to vehicle automation. The actual physics don't need to be handled, the cannon can just fire the items up into space and have them come down over the target with some animations.

The next higher tier of research could let the cannons fire players at jelly Landing Pads across the map, giving players a zippy way to travel across the map.
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Why does this keep getting downvoted? This is brilliant! Sort of like the one from the game Planetary Annihilation.

Or uh.. maybe allow us to build more space elevators for this purpose?
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Actually, I think launching players from the cannon might be a good alternative to vehicles. This is how it could work:
- When exploring, a player would deploy a target marker at the location he intends to return to. Marker is a special item that works similar to a beacon, i.e. it can be put on the ground, assigned a label, and picked up when no longer needed.
- then player comes back to base, restocks on ammo/fuel/health items
- when ready, he enters the cannon, selects destination marker and fires
- the missile travels all the way to the destination marker and opens in the air right above it, after that player safely reaches ground by using jetpack or parachute

The cannon itself should probably use a lot of gunpowder, and a reasonably expensive "missile" with human compartment. It will also work great in multiplayer to quickly summon other player from the base. Since it is one-way trip, the vehicles are still useful to reurn back to base.

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I could see the existing jump pads being used to deliver goods across distances, but gunpowder would likely damage materials.
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