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Main Point: i'd like to see a way to mass edit, create, and destroy small items such as power lines, power poles?, conveyor belts, conveyor poles?, mergers, splitters, and remote reprogramming for splitters, mergers, and all machines. as well as full control of adjusting manufacturing rates including the use of slugs.

HOW? well i have 2 ideas for you.

1st. the addition of a design room to the Hub that sends out drones to do it all. have it take time to complete and to make the edits have it roll out some blueprints that have a text overlay to name areas and machines and note take. im sure you guys can figure out a simple UI to navigate this. to save space i wont go into my very basic suggestions. Alternative option to drones is nanobots.

2nd. use a combo of keys to turn on an editor mode, this mode just changes the HUD of the game and limits functions to allow mass selection of the previous items you wish to delete. for mass creating it would be simplified to an auto-complete, select a start and finish point if all the poles were already placed. not really needed for power lines but for conveyor belts it would be awesome to have an auto complete for the stackable ones. this would be super buggy at start so it probably would have to be done one set of poles at a time but id happily do that if the feature was added. for the lore you can just research nanobots and a HUD upgrade.

side bar

- love the game and would love to see updates to movement, excited for trains but want to see a wonka-vator for people and small amounts of stuff/fuel storage to run it. basically just a sideways elevator that runs on a mono rail track. maybe underneath or above the regular train? just something faster than riding belts to things really far away and more reliable than having to wait on an automated train. other options would include a motor bike designed to run on foundations allowing use of the sky ways people already built.

also please add more body augments, having the jet pack and blade runners equipped at the same time would be awesome. but i would also add a "weight" penalty so the runners only work at 70% speed. the extra slot would also allow jet pack and gas mask would be awesome if you end up making the gas a resource. or for those that have a sky base above a gas pocket. the streamer i watch has this issue and is constantly swapping or just barely avoids death. i know you can always just not build there which is the original intent but late game it would be nice to combat this issue.

and end of side bar.

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Great ideas but I dont know about the whole wieght thing because if you have ever played ark, it sucks
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I have played it for a few hours and could not quite get into it. But for the weight aspect it would be a logical reasoning for the movement balance rather than an game feature. I agree that adding a weight mechanic would be too much.
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