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Conveyors between all of my storage boxes are kind of an eyesore, would be great if I could make a crane, and have it carry a full storage box to a target location or several. Could move massive amounts of resources on a truck or track, stick it on a shelf, etc. Would just be a prettier option in my opinion than a million conveyors.

Not sure if that's already a thing in later tiers, if it is can't wait to get it.
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That does sound cool, would be nice to have a big collection area with crates retrievable with a crane based on what you'd like to fetch. Probably too big a project for the amounts handled in the game though (at least so far).
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I know I'm hoping that the conveyor elevator on the roadmap works well in solving some of the warehouse storage eye sores, but ultimately this coordinates with the near lack of good storage solutions for the amount of products produced.
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