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I have a problem with my FPS. Ingame I normaly have 55 FPS, whats too low for me is. But for somereason my FPS drop sometimes down to 48 FPS. The problem is, that my CPU, GPU and ram is not more than 75% of usage. Can anyone help me with the problem?

My system:

GTX 1070

Intel Core I7 6600 with 3.6Ghz and 4 Cores

16Gb of DDR4 Ram

The game is on my HDD saved

Thank you all.


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1.  Chcek if your DDR4 are in dual chanel.
2. If you want higher FPS.. just trash antialiasing, textures keep at medium and shadows too. Rest keep high for more imersion.
3. You can try play from ssd but this help only for micro-shuters. Not for constans frame rates.

Game is still in developments so .. many room for upgrade.
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the experimental version has some optimization added. gave me 10 fps more on average. this version should soon be pushed to the normal game
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55FPS? You're losing FPS because you're building. I'm on almost the SAME exact machine as you (but with 32GB RAM) and I get 7FPS on my 135MB 34 supercomputer per/minute save. The more conveyors you have the more lag you'll have. Be happy you're sitting in 40s, you'll be 30s and mid 20s soon enough. The game just isn't optimized to properly utilize all of the available hardware resources on our machines, that's all. If you're not running the newest Experimental branch patch, I suggest you do, as many people have reported anywhere from 25-65% performance gain after patch.

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only setting i found that made much diffrence was dropping shadows to low, but since the last updat after 20 mins or so my gpu locks at 17% usage and i stit around 25fps and cpu is only using about 40-50%
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