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When you start getting a few beacons down, it's next to impossible to see how far away something is unless it gives you a distance such as with the resource scan. You also cannot read one if it's next to another or behind it, even 3 KM away. The icons should be their current size when you are within say 100 meters. The icon size should decrease the further you are away from the target beacon or say the HUB marker.  Being able to set an active beacon would be cool as well, dimming the other markers, but allowing them to be used for routing, and giving you a live distance to target in the HUD text.

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That might bury icons of beacons further away, though.  Maybe they could also add a Z-Index of a higher value, so the smaller ones are always on top of the larger ones?
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I think they stack on each other with distance, a closer one will be on top, if the further one was smaller and there was some transparency you could see both easily.
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I'd like a system where you can set a max and min distance on a beacon.

That way, you could have a "central" beacon for your outpost, that's only visible when you are more than 1km away, and then some beacons that are only visible when you are within 1km to help you (or your friends) to find sections of your base/outpost.
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Maybe if they allow us to select and edit visibility of the beacons in the map view that will settle some things. Then you could at least hide some beacons your not interested in, say some early discovered geothermal vents, until your ready to go put some power plants down there. Clicking on the beacons in the map probably first thing I tried to do. They have patched so you have to be looking at a beacon to see the distance, but that's still difficult when you have several of the same exact size icons stacked one atop the other. My hub and the space elevator work for me as my base beacon, and then the first radar tower I placed was well elevated above my base. I do not care see those icons all the time though.
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