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This is just a small typographic error but I must report it as it confused a bit the engineer in me.

The locked safe/container in the ship debris (which contains a hard drive) says it requires 40 MWH to open it. That is a unit of energy, not power. It would need 40 MW for 1 hour, or 20MW for 2 hours. I connected only one biomass reactor (20MW) and there was not indicator whatsoever of what I did wrong.

Of course as soon as I connected a second one, it opened instantly. So just delete the H at the end :)

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Seems interesting, I focused on automizing instead of exploring. Time for an adventure!
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YES! I realized this yesterday when I was playing that it was showing instantaneous power consumption (which should be in MW) as a unit of energy (MWh) even in the interface for the power grid when you look at a biomass reactor or coal generator, which doesn't make sense.

We need to get this in front of the devs so they fix this issue, but I don't know how to get in contact with them.

As an engineering student myself, I also found that weird.
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