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I'm waiting for the next official build before I hop back on. Just curious if they save the color gun settings if one of the pallets gets changed. So, if I were to change the second pallet to a red/red, will it be that same color once I save and reload?

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Actually it will save / keep the user changed color. But it isn't shown in the color palette. So you have to remember which color you changed. Just switch to the color you know you've changed, and you will see that the color is still your chosen one.

I'm sure they'll Ficsit some time.
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The problem I am having with that is that if I alter any other preset it will reset all the other previously edited presets and all my buildings and everything that was using those presets will now be reverted to their original colors. So I have to keep a spreadsheet of all the colors I have edited and their numbers so anytime I want to fiddle around with editing a color I can go back and fix all my presets which have reverted as a result. Any foreseeable fix for that?
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Yeah, that's annoying. Foreseeable is nothing regarding fixes (except the game would crash for half of the users all the time).

I guess you have to change all colors as you like once (remember your changes) and leave them that way for the time beeing.
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Yeah, I'm about to check this now.
I only do color changes all at once. If I don't change the entire palate, any used colors will revert. Takes some time to change the palate completely as well.
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