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Using vehicles and the pathing system is a bit of a hassle currently, so here are a few ideas on how to improve them.

  1. Please provide a way to share pathing between several vehicles.
    If I want to have 5 trucks on the same route, I should be able to do exactly that without having to record a separate path for each truck.
    Instead, I think we should record a path with 1 vehicle, and in the C window, have an option that enables us to link a new vehicle to an existing path by either targeting a node from that path or a vehicle using said path and clicking to confirm the link between the new vehicle and the existing pathing.

    With this, an additional feature that needs to be implemented is pre-emptive collision detection, where a vehicle will slow down/ stop if another vehicle is using the same path but blocking said path due to loading/ unloading at a station.
  2. Give players vehicle-expansions by creating a trailer we can connect to a vehicle, allowing for additional storage space at reduced speed or increased fuel-consumption.
    By doing this, the first option is less necessary and we can still have more use for vehicles before we unlock the tier at which we get trains.
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Create a path using a vehicle and save it as a name (Coal route 1 etc) , then have each vehicle use a drop-down menu option with saved routes listed, you choose the route, move over to where the route is shown, turn on autopilot and it starts following that route.

The only issue I can see with multiple vehicles following the same route is, depending on how they have coded the current system, each route might be hard-coded to the vehicle it was created by, to allow for easy processing, making changes almost impossible to make to the current system.
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the trailer idea is really neat.
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Sooo... You want trains? cheeky

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