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Curious on other players thoughts. I've recently been rearranging how I have my factory built and notice (specifically when removing walls and such) that having to repetitively re-click for every object when removing a large number of things is kind of a pain. Maybe just the ability to hold RightMSB. I don't mind the "load bar" when doing this since it's helpful if you accidentally hover over something you don't want to be destroyed. Not a big concern obviously, what do you all think?
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I agree with this. Actually I was just saying last night at the end of my stream when I was relocating my entire starting base that when I eventually start scaling up my production, it's not going to be a very fun process. It's too slow, especially since I have to traverse a 3D landscape filled with my messy machines on a fairly small inventory. In other factory games I don't usually mind moving large sections of my production line, it doesn't take long and it's satisfying. Here it's a lot more tedious and slow and I'm really afraid that when it's time for me to do it, I'm not going to want to and it'll become a chore.

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Great point, or even better - give us a marker tool where we left klick to mark pieces and right click to unmark them and can then delete all chosen ones, at the same time or one by one but continously.
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"Hear Hear" - Me
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