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Since this is a building game, there should be a way to lay out some survey markers so that way when you lay foundations or buildings and you want them to be precise you can see the markers.

EX: remote bases, it would be nice when laying out the foundations that they will line up with your current bases foundations if they were to merge, currently the only way to do this is to basically build a sky bridge across the map, then build it down once youre in the new area you want to build, otherwise the foundations wont align

This should work on X, Y and Z dimensions.

Maybe this would be a good thing for the radar tower to do?  Have it show beams of light if you press a button or wear special glasses?
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i've bounced around a couple of suggestions that all turn back to one common idea, a Heads up Display upgrade system. whether this be what you just described or as far as a way to mass delete and auto complete conveyor belts so that if you work with the stackable poles that wont auto place when adding more belts then you can place all the stacking poles then floor by floor run the whole path at once. or at least need less inputs to make it complete like long straight sections and turns.
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