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Hi :)

I tried to place a 3rd Geo Thermal Generator at the eastern part of the map ( 3 geysers are really close together ) i cant place the 3rd one ( Floor is too steep )
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It's now been fixed in build 98994.
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Try to build few foundations around it and then build generator. Worked for me.
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Unfortunately I tried that and it didn't for me.
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Sounds like you may be having problems with the same Geyser as me.  

Coordinates    X: 281795.78125
Y: -557.9404907226562
Z: 2219
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Yep, same problem here with one of the 3 geysers in the NE. No amount of foundations or clearing vegetation allows a Geothermal station to be build on one of the geysers.
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I tried for some time...

Placing foundations in various ways. I can get rid of the "floor to steep" message, but then always collide with the previous set foundations. This message only dissapears with no foundations set (but then "floor is to..."). I've given up for now. If someone has a more detailed description on how to set the foundations (maybe a video or img)...
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