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So when they first updated Experimental and MK 2 rifles where allowed I had used alot of my saved hard drives to get new recipes done.  One of which was the compact coal.  When they went and removed the recipes since then i no longer have avaible to me compact coal or the ability to MAM research it.

I looked everywhere and i have gotten all the new recipes currently.  

Along with this the full health breather is still missing but the compact coal i would like to mess with but now its not even there?  Am i missing something or is it just glitched out atm?
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Thank you, i reset a OLD save and was able to get back to researching Compact Coal by going back to the save i had before i did the major research.
I cloud backup all my saves to Dropbox but Inhaler is still broken thank you for fixing this below is link to my current saved file

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Re-research T1 and T2 of Alien Tech and it'll unlock T3 Alien Organ research for the alternative Medical Inhaler blueprint.
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Could you private message me on how you did this fix?
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I'm pretty sure he uses the unofficial Savegame Editor created by Goz3rr on github.
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I do, and I chose to direct message him instead of publicly posting it, just in case ;).
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