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  • Every machine / storage box input slot needs a toggle if the slot / box runs full what should happen with it
    • "nothing" (which is the current behavior, if it is full, it just stops filling, and eventually the belts come to a halt)
    • "send it to overflow exit"
  • Consequently, every machine / storage box needs an additional output where the overflow items are getting put out, obviously
    • whatever you do with those materials is first and foremost the players decision (you could just put it into more and more and more boxes to store things, for example), however:
  • The space elevator should get some overflow items input(s) where you can connect your overflow belt(s) and regularly, all the overflow materials get send to space

Why all this in the first place though?

I want to see my stuff moving on the belts, but eventually everything comes to a halt even if I just overproduce a tiny weeny bit in one part of my factory.

I understand that some people like their belts to be full to the last slot, but it would be nice if people like me who want to see their stuff moving would get an option for this.

It could also be done by simply having a setting to delete overflow items, but that does not fit into fitsic philosophy, so maybe some send-overflow-items-to-space-inputs on the space elevator would fit into this philosophy better.

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It's already possible to create overflow systems without the need to add any additional exits on machines. For the most part, adding exits would just make things unnecessary complicated. As it is, all that you really have to do is to keep putting your belt through a series of splitters until you have reached near the theorical maximum and then, at that last splitter, send the extra out. That's all it takes. Also, I would advise against the use of refeeders or complex balancing systems. They create more problems then they solve. Just keep things simple, run everything in series and it should work just fine.

The only real improvement that could be made here is to have the ability to designate the exit on that splitter as being overflow, so that it would only ever be used once the other lanes on that splitter have backed up.
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> once the other lanes on that splitter have backed up.

If I wanted to see backed up lanes I wouldn't have made this suggestion.

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Why all this in the first place though?

why not go upvote the threads that are duplicate or similar?

I.E. Recycler, Incinerator, Overflow.

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If you just want to rid yourself of it, what's wrong with the "Trash Can Icon"?
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trash can icon is not automated.
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Fair enough. But how do you automate, what is perceived as rubbish?
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