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Hi there,

First just want to say I'm having so much fun with the game at the moment, such a challenging logistical game that it is. I do however find a couple of things a bit meh.

1. I notice you can handcraft items from the bench (high tier items) way faster than an assembler at 200% Overclocked. This sort of defeats the incentive of having to build one as sure it's a grind doing it yourself but me and a friend managed to craft the motors for tier 5-6 in 1/4 of the time. Hopefully this will be looked into and re-balanced so hand crafting the motor takes WAY longer... (I know I know build massive amount of assemblers will sort this out but still.. just crazy you can hand craft quicker than a robot...)

2. When do we get windows for the walls. Having a bunch of belt  ones just looks wrong. Isn't it simple to implement without taking up too much time to program in?

3. (This is more of a bug). I do notice that when i place a mk 3 belt down and the item goes along it, it seems to leave a ghost/image of itself at junctions and bends between posts.

4. (also bug .. maybe?)  Every time i log into a friends game my hotbar items dissappear until i either hover over an item in the build menu and re-push the appropriate number, everything then appears. But some times it just doesn't resulting to remapping all the hotbar items again.

5. Setting the tractor to autopilot is really cool, however i notice that when it comes to the end of it's cycle and stops the front wheels just keep spinning until it unloads.

Thats it for now.

Have been watching the beta testing server reviews on youtube and looking forward to the rover and elevators. Keep up the great work and inovations :)
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Good evening,

as it comes to Nr. 1 there could be raised a poll at sometime, at least I hope for this. I would wish for a higher cost of producing at the point where it comes for level 3 and above items. Though we are a highly trained field staff, I think the precision can not be as good as it goes for the mechanical production of higher Tier items so one would need more Items due to failure rate for manual crafting.
For Nr. 2 I am happy to read @ ExileFox there are already things in the game but just not available for us at the moment, I can not wait until they will be available :-)
Nr. 3 and Nr. 4 I can not say anything to and Nr 5 is within the patch notes for the experimental build (if I remind correctly).

English is not my native language, pleae do not mind any mistake I make in grammer or spelling


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1. Yes. And no. it's good as-is if we have to hold down the button to craft.

If the workbench had a cooldown time, like the visuals indicate, that would be a good way to sort this.

2. Windows are coming and some other neat stuff for base design.

(With a modified savegame on the experimental game version, these can be built already)

3 & 4 This has been reported before
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