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Can we have a version of the Industrial Storage container (and any future container with multiple input/output)  that we can program if each port in a input or output.  It can be a more expensive/researchable upgrade.

Being able to control what items exit through the output would be a interesting feature. BUT, I would really like to be able to decide which port items come into and go out of per container. There are situations where I might want both ports on the same side to be inputs, both outputs, or a combination of in and out. There could also be interesting builds with 1 input and 3 outputs or 3 inputs and 1 output.  Being able to set the direction of each port makes them extremely more flexible.
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Hi, I also proposed an idea introducing new containers with freely programmable inputs and outputs.
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No. this is bad idea without better control over the rest of the factories we build.

Here is what would be sensible to add:

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Industrial container with programmable ports

Hello! From the beginning I wanted to create an independent topic, but then I found by tags that it already exists ((

I propose adding a new industrial container to the game, available after studying computers. At this container, it will be possible to set a function (input or output) for each port. This proposal is due to the fact that:

I, and I think of other players, also have situations where it would be more convenient to have two different ports (input and output) on the same side of the container. I’m also sure that a container with 3 identical ports (3 inputs and 1 output / 3 outputs and 1 input) would also be in demand. Well, I’m almost sure that a container with 4 identical ports will also be in demand as a final repository (4 entrances) and as a transfer point replenished manually (4 exits)
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