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Had a look at the experimental recipes and the new one for the computer is too good to be true, could it possible get sorted or is it safe to get it from the M.A.M??
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Why is it bad? Swaping caterium ingot for copper ain’t a bad trade; I certainly have more copper closer by than I do more caterium
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Will be making a set up for the Crystal computer today to work with the super computers going to aim for about 20 to 25 supercomputers per/min, will let people know if this recipe for the computer is better than the other 2
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Edit: I can't reply directly to other comments xD
@ Caffeinated21
I also like that recipe. I consumed so much caterium that the pure node i had available wasn't enough. That recipe allowed me to increase the amount of quickwire I could feed to my machines.
Regarding the new recipe, it is too much trouble to rearrange my factory to use that recipe, but is it really that good? you need more room to make that crystal oscillator. how much of a difference is it to the rubber computer recipe?.
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Just about finished building a set up with 9 assemblers making computers about 22 per/min and as far as I can see its less hassle that the old one, will try a Bit or tweeting but you don't need any caterium for this at all.
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https://satisfactory.greeny.dev/calculator   don't know if this will show what I've been using
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