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After dozens of hours of playtime i have finally automated every production in early access, including super computers, ammo, heavy modframes. I love it!

But in retrospective I feel like the miners we have now are too strong. There should be a need to at least find more than one spot of ore deposits per type to keep your advanced factory at 100% productivity. I think that would softly force you to explore the map a little more


My whole factory is powered by 2 normal iron nodes (overclocked) 2 oil deposits for power (all generators 3x overclocked) and 1 single resource node of everything else (with overclocked miners)

Feels a little cheap ;)

Still. Great game. Best game in years, for me at least
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I don't know why this is being down voted.  I agree.  I can get to EA End Game in about an hour.  Feels WAY to easy.  However, if the following tiers are going to be massive, that might make a difference.

As it stands, it is way easy now.  When trains are finally introduced, it will get even more easy!
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If you play to get to the final tier in an hour without building huge perfectly balanced factories to automate everything, you are kind of missing the point of the game.
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Well, I really can't speed run this game in just one hour. That's great! Everyone has his own goals to play this game. Some want to have everything perfectly balanced, others want to produce more than they need, some want to speed run, some want to focus on fighting animals and collecting everything.
I think the game benefits if you need to spread out more for your ore. We have trains now to transport those products over long distances.

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For me I have a problem with to little resources and have been forced to travel very far to find resources like coal
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Same it takes 3 overclocked pure oil to power my base when it's all going.

That's 69 fuel plants! ;)
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I also agree. Just 3 overclocked normal iron ore nodes at the starting area are already everything you need to fuel a huge factory. You can get 1800 ore / minute to fuel 60 Smelters! That's huge! No need to find more ore unless you want to produce more than you need in exchange for low frames per second.
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