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I am unable to stack Conveyor Pole Stackable's on top of each other now. In certain locations it works, in others it does not.


Edit: https://youtu.be/GvhimxekLoM

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I have the same issue. There is a 5x5 grid that I am unable to place Conveyor Pole Stackable's on top of each other. It only happens while running the current experimental version. If I load that file in Early Access this does not happen.
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Upvoted.  Same problem.  I'm building in the rocky northwest region and occasionally run into arbitrary height limits on the stackable conveyor poles.  It's making it difficult to build because sometimes I can't go more than 4 high on the stackable poles.  It says they're encroaching but there's nothing by clear sky above me.
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wish they fix it

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Well, on a high note, it's nice to see that I am not alone.  I reported this a couple days ago to little fanfare :P (https://questions.satisfactorygame.com/18459/experimental-conveyor-stacker-encroaching-distinct-factory).  For me, it's my entire factory main floor and has me wishing they had just left stackers alone.

I've surmised that it's based on bugged Z-axiis.  To get around it, build upon a different foundation (the surface of a x2 foundation is just a HAIR lower - it's enough to work around this bug for now).  The foundation can be replaced afterward.
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Wow, nice workaround. Thanks a bunch!
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This bug is super weird. Oddly, whether or not I can place the poles seems to be influenced by player position, and more strangely, how quickly I click the mouse in sequence. Can sometimes be worked around by removing the lower pole, then quickly building it back and one on top in quick succession. That definitely doesn't always work though, and overall it's a fairly gamebreaking bug. I hope that the fix comes soon (Fic-sit, Coffee Stain!).
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Ran into exact same problem with stackers refusing to stack on top of each other.

Happeing quite often near my storage center in my base with tons of stackers and belts nearby (w/ base @ 2nd starting location), but also occurring in the middle of nowhere with nothing more than a foundation with a 2 stackers on top and no plants nor trees nearby.
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Same problem here in the experimental version. For me, I had conveyor splitters a bit above where I tried to stack the poles. Where I could stack them, I had no splitters... Anyone else?
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Same thing for me in experimental. Stacking vertical or horizontal does sometimes work and sometimes not...
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God, this is so annoying... I organized my factory around stacks of conveyor belts that make up the main transport routes, and this often occurs in the middle of those routes. It drives me nuts.

One thing that very often works is removing the existing stack and the foundations below, then building everything up again. If that doesn't help, repeating the process with the player in different locations does _sometimes_ help.
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Unfortunately my issue is not that i am trying to place them next to each other, its that i am actually trying to stack them on top of each other. Normal behaviour. I added a video.
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I have run into the same situation multiple times.  The second unit doesn't appear, but the third one will, leaving a blank spot in the stack.
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