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When I fire the Mk.1 Rifle now in V.0.1.9 experimental version. it fires 10 rounds and then I press reload. it reloads 10 CLIPS :O

Shurly that is a error??! Should be reload 1 clip, not 10 clips :P

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Right now I understand it as one clip = one bullet. So if you have 50 clips stacked in your inventory, it's really 50 bullets. The term "clip" seems to be a bit confusing right now.
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yeah but the animation make it look like a mag as well, they should increase the crafting price and make each item 10 rounds
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It is labeled cartridge for me, which is the term for the bullet(slug), the casing(shell), the gunpowder, and the primer. Cartridge, clip, and magazine are 3 completely separate things
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The problem I see is that you make "cartridges", which are yellow and blocky.

You reload your rifle (once) with something that is a yellow rectangular block looking pretty identical to the "cartridge" and you have 10 "bullets" in your rifle.

Then you fire your rifle 10 times and you've used 10 "cartridges"?

These things are expensive enough (and not much better damage than the rebar gun in my experience).
Base material cost:
A "cartridge" costs 34 iron ore, 7 copper ore, 31 coal and 5 sulfur .
A "spiked rebar" costs 1 iron ore.

Let's make a "cartridge" last for 10 shots at least...
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Ya, the image does more like a magazine than a cartridge, not sure why devs did that. Also seems off to make cartridges from Nobelisk(essentially pipe bombs), where did the beacon go? Copper ingots + gunpowder + sulfur would make more sense to me, maybe add plastic or iron/steel to represent the "magazine" cost.

I will say, the Mk 2 rifle did a LOT more damage, it was nice, I miss it.
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Yes - the Mk.2 rifle was worth having :)
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